Different form Of LOve

What is the root concept of Love? Love is wanting the good of other and its a decision to be together, love is bondless, it has no boundaries, no limitations and fortunately no conditions.

Love does not only comprise of two bodies put together in a bond. Love is vast, love needs perception, love needs acceptance, love is the only mere emotion which can convert cunningness to kindness.

The very forms of love if put together are only two-

  1. Unconditional Love
  2. Conditional Love

Whatever relation or equation of love you choose falls in either of the category. To be loved and give love is totally parallel.

Love for your nation, love for your society, love for the beggars in the streets, love for the brother living abroad or love for the pet next door. There is no restriction or validation for your love.

Love needs no permission. One does not need the permission to love another. The moment your heart beats you set in love. Love stones, love food & ornaments, love the dumb, deaf and blind, love the tree that growed with you, love the dog that barks at you. Love has no finite route or limitation.

The only withdrawal of love is that love can never be diminished, bodies may be demolished but love remains eternal. Once you love yourself the world gathers together to love you.

Love has no definite language but speaks louder enough for the hearts to listen. In a short list – people love paintings, some love sports, some love music and some just go crazy at rainfall. The things you love is that very part of your life which you need to feel everyday to remain alive. Love has a unique taste in your life.

If you are an animal lover, you can at the same time be someone who loves reading, also someone who love to sing and also someone who love to walk alone.

Love gives you ultimate freedom. Things which you cant part away from doing everyday is where your love lies.

Love has two distinct variation.

  1. Love that is expressed.
  2. Love that does not needs to be expressed.

Love your enemies but don’t express them. as they are the first to identify your mistakes. Love them and help them whenever possible, but don’t express them as this will retard your love for them.

The other distinction of love is the expressed form of love, where you stand still infront of the other soul and define your emotions for them, but equally don’t expect that emotion to get returned as love comprises of no give-and-take emotions. Emotions do make you weak but love does not. The only way of love is with you making you stronger as love is unconditional.

You be in love with any human, animal, object or imaginary concept but your soul must  only be ready to serve not accept as life is meaningful only when we love and live for others.

Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud; love is not ill-mannered of selfish or irritable; love doesnot keep a record of wrongs; love is not happy with evil; but is happy with the truth. Love never gives up; and its faith hope and patience never fails.


The Busy Schedule

I am alive, but life runs on schedule and time table.Which makes me question, am I really alive. Can you remember the last time when you went for a walk without knowing where you are going, which was the last place that you discovered. Wherever we go, or we move in we do have a reason or work to complete. I want a day, when I wish to land in some unknown location without any gps or any so called map. I just want to roam on my own decision, my way my wish. Every day we think we took lots of decision, but jump deep and review, you will figure out that all that you said has been your decision, was either influence or some sort of external adjustment. When do we actually learn to live at our own, when are we going to take a days off and just get lost. When we make holiday plans we already decide our destinations and routes, thats where I say we miss the mark, the fun and enjoyment which comes from lost adventure is far 100 times better than the planned ones. So lets move for a unknown holiday, be it be this Sunday or the next Saturday. Share your experience here, and I promise to get your story published. So lets meet the next time with some amazing adventures

The Thirsty crowd :-g

We all here do know the story of thirsty crow quite well, but where is this thirsty crowd. Thirsty crowd intakes the globally paralyzed world which we say the run of civilization, I say its the run of the thirsty crowd. We are in a sense Paralyzed, because we can’t do anything out of our daily routines, Isn’t it, I always say think twice, and find your answer within. The moment every night before your eyes goes shut for a sleep, just the moment before you sleep, you visualize your next day. Your subconscious mind sets an alarm for you, and you too exactly know what your next day, or how your next day will be. Thats what I call the paralyzed world. Can you remember a day when you slept without knowing the next morning where you will wake up.  We all have our plans set and we behave accordingly, and it is equally essential to set plans, but according to my concept of daily life, everyday if you don’t add a new adventure, ignoring the fact how big or minute it may be, but adding something called spices of life, can make you feel the real depth of human nature, and the inertial excitement of any freedom comes from depth not from daily routines. One who can’t add new effects to his life, is merrily a human, all education is for curiosity. One who gets curious gets everything. Thus get away from the thirsty crowd, and quench your thirst and be filled up to walk, as said by John Walker “Keep walking, cause you may stop, the world will not”.

Oh, yes I am a teenager!

Who is a teenager, one who does mistakes right. I suggest very wrong. Yes, it is a definate image that teenagers = error. No perfect declaration has been yet made and even if made, I prefer that combination of words or even sentences can’t explain teenage. Here, I flip the mirror towards you, what did you see, yourself, right. Yes, if you look at a mirror you will definately see yourself. Now lets look little little deep, look at your room through the mirror, thats it while looking at the room, did you see yourself. No, now this is the real face of teenagers, which me miss while pointing the room of mistakes. Anyone passing the central street, looks at a bunch of teenagers and says “Look at those fellows, they are pretty killing their time and themselves”. Teenagers are that large face of the globe which we miss out while gazing at the room of errors. I subject to one big failure is the achievment of civilization, without the participation of teenagers. Talent if not recognized goes missused. In India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and in other Asian countries, how many handful teenagers can you spot being identified. People speak of various icons working for, nature protection, women protection, protection of child labour, but can anyone get me a contact of teenage protection or teenage upgradation icons. In case if you get tired in search of the above requisite, you can kindly recall me, I have enough zeal left for working on generation upliftment. The final thing I belive is “All correct policy”. This monopoly can only return back the image of Teenagers.

The Idea of “Teenagers”

The idea of teenagers are not so different across the world, we the teenagers are always wrong, right. In India we are always the unstable class of youth, but not when someone does an out of the track job. It is very easy as easy to crush eggs as to blame teenagers. 13-19 are the numbers which define teenagers, but till this very day I am searching the person who didn’t pass this age. I need a gadget, which can directly covert a 12 years old kid to the age of 20 so that he can skip the teenage, the age of struggle, the age where every act of goodness turns to the act of devil, I have a question, kindly did you ever think for this teenagers, who are the class of youth who at this time are the most struggling one. Ok, I am speaking too in favour of the teenagers. Aggression is highly reflected in my blog, isn’t it. But this is not just my blog, I know any teenager will find his story here, the word of his mind here, this striking words are obstinate energy of any nation, but where is it, think twice . Where is the vigour of teenagers hidden?. Any answer?. Is it hidden in fear, I believe fear is the strongest force of opposition. So , is fear responsible or something else?