The Idea of “Teenagers”

The idea of teenagers are not so different across the world, we the teenagers are always wrong, right. In India we are always the unstable class of youth, but not when someone does an out of the track job. It is very easy as easy to crush eggs as to blame teenagers. 13-19 are the numbers which define teenagers, but till this very day I am searching the person who didn’t pass this age. I need a gadget, which can directly covert a 12 years old kid to the age of 20 so that he can skip the teenage, the age of struggle, the age where every act of goodness turns to the act of devil, I have a question, kindly did you ever think for this teenagers, who are the class of youth who at this time are the most struggling one. Ok, I am speaking too in favour of the teenagers. Aggression is highly reflected in my blog, isn’t it. But this is not just my blog, I know any teenager will find his story here, the word of his mind here, this striking words are obstinate energy of any nation, but where is it, think twice . Where is the vigour of teenagers hidden?. Any answer?. Is it hidden in fear, I believe fear is the strongest force of opposition. So , is fear responsible or something else?


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