The Thirsty crowd :-g

We all here do know the story of thirsty crow quite well, but where is this thirsty crowd. Thirsty crowd intakes the globally paralyzed world which we say the run of civilization, I say its the run of the thirsty crowd. We are in a sense Paralyzed, because we can’t do anything out of our daily routines, Isn’t it, I always say think twice, and find your answer within. The moment every night before your eyes goes shut for a sleep, just the moment before you sleep, you visualize your next day. Your subconscious mind sets an alarm for you, and you too exactly know what your next day, or how your next day will be. Thats what I call the paralyzed world. Can you remember a day when you slept without knowing the next morning where you will wake up.  We all have our plans set and we behave accordingly, and it is equally essential to set plans, but according to my concept of daily life, everyday if you don’t add a new adventure, ignoring the fact how big or minute it may be, but adding something called spices of life, can make you feel the real depth of human nature, and the inertial excitement of any freedom comes from depth not from daily routines. One who can’t add new effects to his life, is merrily a human, all education is for curiosity. One who gets curious gets everything. Thus get away from the thirsty crowd, and quench your thirst and be filled up to walk, as said by John Walker “Keep walking, cause you may stop, the world will not”.


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