The Busy Schedule

I am alive, but life runs on schedule and time table.Which makes me question, am I really alive. Can you remember the last time when you went for a walk without knowing where you are going, which was the last place that you discovered. Wherever we go, or we move in we do have a reason or work to complete. I want a day, when I wish to land in some unknown location without any gps or any so called map. I just want to roam on my own decision, my way my wish. Every day we think we took lots of decision, but jump deep and review, you will figure out that all that you said has been your decision, was either influence or some sort of external adjustment. When do we actually learn to live at our own, when are we going to take a days off and just get lost. When we make holiday plans we already decide our destinations and routes, thats where I say we miss the mark, the fun and enjoyment which comes from lost adventure is far 100 times better than the planned ones. So lets move for a unknown holiday, be it be this Sunday or the next Saturday. Share your experience here, and I promise to get your story published. So lets meet the next time with some amazing adventures


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