How long can you keep your eyes sticked at one grain of sand, now how long can you again stick your eyes to that particular grain in your hand and run a distance of 100 meters. Yes, for only a short while, as soon the grain slips your hand its  history. The grain goes back to the very ground from where it has come above.

Thats the large scale view of human life. Each individual is equal to a grain of sand put together as the human population, just as a handful of sand. So its never easy to be unique in common. Hellen Keller was blind but till today we see her in pages, on the internet and in the eyes of every blind person. Keller converted her weakness into her strength and came out as the first deafblind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree. Her birthplace in West Tuscumbia, Alabama is now a museum. Every person has a weak point or a weakness in their life, but we hide our weakness and develop a fear towards it which finally demolishes us. The starting point of success begins when you can directly start converting your weakness to your strength. Your real journey of living life begins from where you start destroying your weakness, and creating the empire of your strength, in that manner you not only master yourself but also master the world. All inventions in some form or the other is a personal war against a inner weakness. Thomas Alva Eddison invented the electric bulb as his weakness was darkness, he started demolishing his weakness and today lighted up the world with his electric bulb. The very greatness of individual human soul is hidden in the very weakness, which is rather a minute illusion taken as an obstacle. The fight with inner weakness begins with small battles till ultimately winning the final war. Thus start defeating the smaller fears, which shall bring small changes to your life, and the day you ultimately defeat the greatest weakness in you, your life flashes from the bottom till the skies. Identify the weakness and declare a war today, so that you can be the king of your life tomorrow. The sooner the better.


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